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Sulfur dioxide also sulphur dioxide in british english is the chemical compound with the formula s o 2. Epas naaqs for no2 is designed to protect against exposure to the entire group of nitrogen oxides nox. Milestone date rounds 1 and 2 designations round 1 areas associated with 20092011 monitored violations epa signs notice promulgating final so 2 area designations for 29 nonattainment areas july 25, 20. Epa promulgated the revised national ambient air quality standard naaqs for sulfur dioxide so 2 on june 2, 2010. With the new form and averaging time of the revised naaqs standard and its lower, more restrictive concentration local planners, particularly those in. History the united states environmental protection agency u. Evaluating the nine factors in setting nonattainment area boundaries part 1 overview pdf 34 pp, 3. Established by the united states environmental protection agency epa under authority of the clean air act 42 u. Here are answers to some questions about the recent announcement by the u. Epa publication of so2 naaqs designations starts lawsuit. The atmosphere is the earths largest single shared resource, which protects and supports life through the absorption of dangerous.

Statement of basis for trenton psychiatric hospital. Literature comparing national ambient air quality standards aaqss globally is scattered and sparse. On june 2, 2010, epa revised the so2 standard, establishing a 1hour primary standard of 75 ppb. Environmental protection agency regarding a proposed revision to the national ambient air quality standard naaqs for ozone from dr. Epa guidance on the development of modeled emission rates for precursors merps as a tier i demonstration tool for ozone and pm 2. Sulfur dioxide so2 primary air quality standards the clean air act requires epa to set national ambient air quality standards naaqs for sulfur dioxide and five other pollutants considered harmful to public health and the environment the other pollutants are ozone, particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and lead. The epa is issuing this rule to identify areas that, based on recorded air quality monitoring data showing violations of. The sum of nitric oxide no and no2 is commonly called. No2 is the component of greatest concern and is used as the indicator for the larger group of nox.

Christopher frey, distinguished university professor at north carolina state university and chair of the epas clean air scientific advisory committee. State of ohio 2010 revised sulfur dioxide national ambient. Overview and guidance pdf 16 pp, 910kb designations for the 2006 pm 2. Naaqs implementation coalition virtual facilities naaqs study. Revised national ambient air quality standards 2009 released by the ministry of environment and forests. The paper looks at several periods in the history of the u. Includes limits for benzene, ozone, benzopyrene, arsenic, nickel and ammonia not covered in 1994. Epa replaced the 24hour and annual standards with a new shortterm onehour standard of 75 parts per billion ppb. National ambient air quality standardssulfur dioxide page 3 of 8 date. Title i air pollution control and prevention, part d. Federal register primary national ambient air quality. Environmental protection agency office of air quality planning and standards health and environmental impact division air benefitcost group research triangle park, north carolina. Challenges in modeling compliancechallenges in modeling.

Sulfur dioxide so2 national ambient air quality standard. The epa is completing area designations for this naaqs in four rounds. This rule establishes air quality designations for certain areas in the united states for the 2010 primary sulfur dioxide so2 national ambient air quality standard naaqs. The revision of the no 2 naaqs in 2010 did not affect the. Americas oil and natural gas industry the facts on naaqs. Table of historical sulfur dioxide national ambient air. Table of historical so2 naaqs sulfur dioxide naaqs us epa. History of the 2010 so2 1hr naaqs june 2, 2010, epa issued the revised primary naaqs to improve public health protection first revision since the initial so2 naaqs was issued in 1971 the 2010 revision was compelled by a judicial consent decree and legal challenge to. Primary national ambient air quality standard naaqs for.

National ambient air quality standards naaqs, pronounced \naks\ are limits on atmospheric concentration of six pollutants that cause smog, acid rain, and other health hazards. Title i implementation documents april 16, 1992 57 fr 498 november 25, 1992 57 fr 55620 1997 ozone 8hour naaqs phase 1 and phase 2 see appendix c3 epa still dealing with vacated rules and remands 1997 pm 2. An analysis of the impacts and nonattainment risks of the. Originally the council reached out to me to talk about the short term naaqs implementation, modeling and monitoring. Understanding the naaqs and the designation process.

National ambient air quality standardssulfur dioxide. National ambient air quality standards naaqs brief robert w. The facts on naaqs national ambient air quality standards. National ambient air quality standards ozone naaqs nonattainment consequences so 2 naaqs 2. However, given epas recent shift in how they see, or dont see the 1hr so2 implementation process happening, we agreed that it was more important to focus on how the process has played out so far and what to expect next. History of ozone naaqs same as previous 18 final rule date indicator averaging time level ppm.

Epas decision is based on its judgment that the current. The green book so2 nonattainment areas 2010 standard. In 2010, epa established new 1hour average national ambient air quality standards for no2 and so2 epa creates air quality trends using measurements from monitors located around the country. Implementation guidance for the national ambient air. Federal register air quality designations for the 2010. Revised national ambient air quality standards naaqs. The federal clean air act caa sets national ambient air quality standards naaqs for six common air pollutants. So 2 primary rea plans presentation for the casac bob hetes, stephen graham, nicole hagan march 21, 2017. It is released naturally by volcanic activity and is produced as a byproduct of copper extraction and the burning. The table below shows that air quality based on concentrations of. It is a toxic gas responsible for the smell of burnt matches. These commonly found air pollutants also know n as criteria pollutants are particulate matter, groundlevel ozone, carbon monoxide co, sulfur dioxide so2, nitrogen dioxide no2, and. Environmental protection agency epa sets national ambient air quality standards naaqs for criteria pollutants, including sulfur dioxide so2. Recommended attainmentnonattainment designations in illinois for the 2010 revised primary 1hour so 2 national ambient air quality standard aqpstr 1102 june 2, 2011 illinois environmental protection agency division of air pollution control 1021 north grand avenue east p.

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