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The finish is bright and clean with very little markings or lacquer cracks. I got it today, ordered it and its a secondhand 2014 model. Checking cracking a nitro guitar finish nitrocellulose. Some beat up, some nicely cared for but well played, and one or two near mint. Fender classic series 50s precision bass lacquer, maple.

The following will detail the procedure for ordering a custom made oneoff from our custom shop. Under close inspection with a bright light, you can still see a hint of the cracks because the lacquer did not seep all the way down into the crack this could have been remedied by first widening the cracks with a knife but it is good enough that it. New fender 60s classic lacquer jazzmaster replacement neck. American, korean and chinese made fender guitars are finished with polyurethane. It simulates the look of old paint, but a clear coat is used over the crackle layer to protect it and the. One of the sideeffects is that if you use too much, it can dull the sheen of the lacquer a bit, and make it a little bit less waterclear.

Removing scratches from guitar finishes lacquer repair. Theyre like chipping off, which leaves the end of the fret wires less smooth. In this video i share my experience of neck pocket cracks focusing on a lovely old sunn mustang strat that i bought specifically because the neck pocket was so cracked the neck was practically. Ive read about people using crazy glue to seal finish cracks, but i dont feel too good about putting that stuff on the back of my smooth neck. I just sanded down to wood for same type of crack and found the crack is in the wood and did extend through the paint. Fender strat body crack at trem stud finger lakes guitar. Once the lacquer is removed you are likely to find white binding assuming it was white when new. Diagnosis and treatment of cnv in myopic macular degeneration. Wet sandingcracked lacquer entry for april 2020s guitar of the month is open enter.

New american vintage series pure vintage stratocaster. Authentic 2005 fender custom shop thinline telecastercloset classic light ash body. You have to sand anyway, but the more time you spend sanding, the easier the lacquering becomes. If they mention them at all, sellers tend to describe them as superficial lacquer cracks. A fender custom shop 1963 stratocaster relic above shows the kind of wear typically associated with a nitrocellulose lacquer finish, which this instrument has. How to stop a lacquer crack from spreading on a guitar.

This allowed fender to use cheaper alder with more cosmetic flaws. Checking cracking a nitro guitar finish nitrocellulose relic tutorial. Fender tried an all lacquer finished guitar because the thin skins had a sealer under the lacquer. With authentic features including a nitrocellulose lacquer finish in classic fiesta red and dual american vintage jaguar pickups, everything about it takes you back to a wildly creative time when. Nitrocellulose lacquer finish lightly aged by fender custom shop. One of the most disappointing of those is the tendency to check or crack with a sudden drop in temperature.

If you thin the poly enough, itll make the transition look better. Lacquer cracks standard mia fender stratocaster guitar forum. Vintage white should be sprayed over a primered body and clear coated. Crafted at the fender ensenada, mexico manufacturing facility, this genuine vintagestyle fender jazzmaster neck features a comfortable cshaped profile and 7. These breaks often appear clinically as lacquer cracks and are associated with cnv in 82% of eyes. Here i am going to show instruments that i have owned or maybe still own as well as instruments owned by friends. Ohio valley nitro offers a full line of nitrocellulose finishes in 16oz. Fa can be helpful in detecting lacquer cracks, which appear as hyperfluorescent streaks of transmission defect in the early and transit phases. I use these magnets for a lot of things, but really like to use them for clamping cracks in acoustic guitars.

A short tutorial showing how to get that cracking checking effect on a nitrocellulose guitar finish. New fender 60s classic lacquer jazzmaster replacement neck pau ferro 09912921. Clarence leo fender, would be bemused by todays guitar market. You can look at one of the fender relic necks to follow the normal. Playing with band the squier sounded better the paint was removed on the fender neck only thin silky feeling. Wet sandingcracked lacquer inlays and finishing chat. The 60s stratocaster, with its rosewood fingerboard, multiply pickguard and vintage hardware, captures that amazing and groundbreaking chapter in fender history. A closer look shows the effects of years of string tension and whammy bar divebombs at this vulnerable part of the guitar. At what point will our 2000 vintage models start to do the s. All of them had fairly significant lacquer crazing, especially on the top sheet.

Below, take a look at a closeup of finish checking on a fender custom shop 1952 heavy relic telecaster. Whats more, taylors finish is so high tech that standard lacquer or shellac touchup methods dont look as good as do c. Ok, call me morbid, but i was looking at 50s and 60s j45s over the weekend. Hi there, i am currently considering my next purchase, a 2004 fender usa strat i live in the uk and they are selling the guitar for. This is why you have to damage the paintwork before cracking the lacquer. Lacquer will melt lacquer, so when it dries, although it wont look perfect, itll weld the crack together. I usually dont recommend trying to fix such checks, because they are often an inevitable part of the nitrocellulose lacquer aging process. I noticed that a few of the lacquer on the end of the fret wires are coming off. If i had the space and the money for it, it would be a real museum i guessthe instrument are not fixed or restaurated and. Management of choroidal neovascularization in myopic.

Coa is pictured for refrence only and is not included in this listing. Fender classic series 60s stratocaster electric guitar. But its still an impressive piece that looks great under its thin nitrocellulose lacquer finish. Like the guys at fender and gibson, i collect several bunches of keys and simply. Mexican and japanesemade fender instrument bodies are finished with polyester while the necks are finished with polyurethane. How to refinish a guitar with nitrocellulose lacquer. Apart from the above, small cracks can appear in a nitro finish after several years too. I had two of these break and stewmac stood behind them after several years and sent me new ones. On most instruments the yellow tint you see on the binding and other areas is simply the result of yellowing lacquer.

By paul s articles, troubleshooting alligatoring, checking, crazing, finish cracking. By fall 1964, fender changed the yellow making it more whitish and opaque to better hide flaws in the wood. Tight and punchy bass sound youd expect from a 4x10 enclosure, and does it with sparkling vintage fender looks and a remarkably lightweight design. They keep the plates lined up without having to drill any extra holes. Fender classic series 60s stratocaster lacquer 3 colour. We can age binding by applying a top coat of tinted lacquer to render the yellow hue we normally see on vintage instruments. It can be resurfaced and buffed over real nicely too. The hardware is all original and unusually the bridge and pickup covers are still present.

Pretty much so, but neck profile may be shaped to a given year thicker, thinner, ushaped, flatter backed neck, etc. Which is exactly what i feel like ive perceived about the old lacquer used on fender necks in the 1950s and 1960s. Nitrocellulose lacquer does have some nasty habits. What kind of finish do you use on your instruments. Fixing crack in the lacquer the steel guitar forum. Id say it has been subjected to extremes of temperature and humidity.

A body crack in a solidbody electric guitar is not a common problem. New fender classic laquer series discussion in the sound hound lounge started by blackcloud, may 1, 20. The classic series 50s precision bass lacquer delivers the distinctive 1950sera look, sound and vibe of those first fender basses, with vintage style and an authentic. Ive read some information saying that this is quite normal in guitar with a bolton type of necks.

Fender 60s jaguar lacquer electric guitar n stuff music. In that way i can have a nice little museum even if the instruments have been sold. New fender 60s classic lacquer strat replacement neck pau. The lacquer has checked all over, but the neck is the most severely affected, with the finish actually beginning to lift and fall off. Spraying the neck before spraying i sanded the neck again, checking that everything was clean and wiped over with a tack cloth to remove any dust. Taylor top crack and finish repair finger lakes guitar repair. New american vintage series pure vintage stratocaster nitro finish up until a few days ago, i was a bit confused on the finish details of the new american vintage series line of guitars. The g400jvs timber contingent further impresses with its solidmaple back and sides.

The thin, watery superglue will fill cracks in lacquer pretty well. One could buy all the components through warmoth or usa custom guitars, have a tech do all the work on it, and have a better yet cheaper bass, imo. This finish later became a popular choice for fender and gibson in. Although nitrocellulose lacquer may give a guitar an airier sound. If youre lucky ive been lucky often with this and choose the.

On the workbench is a 1969 fender precision bass with a problematic playing action. The action is high and the bass is very uncomfortable to play. I bought a mid90s telecaster from a friend and it has a hole and cracks in the lacquer on the back of the neck, as shown in the image below. Lacquerfinished fender jazzmasters two 60s lake placid blue jazzmasters but the left guitar has a nitro top coat, which has yellowed over time the nitrocellulose and acrylic components themselves act as binding agents in the paint that then need to be mixed in solvent in order to be sprayed properly onto a guitar, or indeed a car. I then sprayed another couple of coats of lacquer to seal before moving on to the tinted coat.

This creamy white yellow color is a nice choice for your fender project. Ideally, the new lacquer should wick its way into and along the crack from the chip. As an instruments wood expands and contracts with moisture content stress is placed on the finish. You can see a couple of places where the finish is missing at the edge by the fourth string tuner. Fastdrying and resistant to alcohol and water, it produces a hard, durable opaque black gloss finish that can be clearcoated with colortone clear aerosol guitar lacquer for. It is unclear, however, what causes the growth of new vessels through the breaks in bruchs membrane.

So i have this problem with a couple of lacquer cracks on the body. Does anyone have any advice on how i could go about repairing this. Checking will vary according to the extremes the instrument has been through. This is an extremely common, somewhat expected condition on older instruments with lacquer finishes. The fender classic series 60s stratocaster electric guitar gets you throwback tone and looks in an affordable package.

Spectraldomain optical coherence tomography sdoct is an essential tool in the evaluation of myopic cnv, which may appear as a hyperreflective lesion with fuzzy borders at the rpe, central. The fender classic series 60s stratocaster comes sporting an eracorrect nitrocellulose lacquer finish and a triple stack of vintagevoiced pickups for a. By dipping the alder bodies in a yellow stain first, instead of spraying yellow lacquer, there is one less step of lacquer to mix, spray, and dry. John 5 plays 7 unbelievably iconic guitars from hard rocks vault.

New fender 60s classic lacquer strat replacement neck pau ferro 09922921. By the way met with a friend friday i had the squier cv, he bought a masterbuild fender telecaster the price for this was 40. If you glue your eyelids shut, id go easy on the acetone and maybe seek pro help. Fender uses a variety of finish types on its instruments, from the original nitrocellulose lacquer finishes to more modern urethane and polyester finishes. They have designed this product to be used by the first time guitar builder to guitar. Folks were already yelling about a polyurethane base coat sealer under the nitro finish. Its still smoother than the less expensive pbasses out there, but not as smooth as before. Fender custom shop introduces new custom collection fenders dream factory introduces new striking time machine, pro and custom deluxe models scottsdale, ariz. Awp is a perfect product meant for filling and smoothening out cracks and dents on the.

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